Nematic colloids

LC surfaces and interfaces

Structural forces in liquid crystals


AFM studies of biological matter

Light in optical micro-resonators

Artificial nose

Past research

3D lasers in cholecteric liquid crystal droplets


1. Nematic colloids

  a. Particles in nematics: dipolar, quadrupolar and boojums
  b. Forces between particles in nematics
      i. Dipole-dipole
      ii. Quadrupole-quadrupole
      iii. Dipole-quadrupole
      iv. Forces due to entanglement
  c. Manipulation of particles in nematics
      i. Trapping by light: laser tweezers
      ii. Transport by electric field
  d. 2D crystalline structures in nematic colloids
      i. Dipolar and quadrupolar, mixed, rods, capped
      ii. Effects of electric field
      iii. Hierarchical structures of large and small colloids
      iv. Entangled
      v. Bubble gum colloidal pair: escaped nonsingular defect rings
      vi. Colloids on free-standing LC films

2. LC surfaces and interfaces

  a. LC alignment on micro-patterned surfaces:
      i. Micro-rubbing by AFM
      ii. Nematic LC in polymer micro-boxes on solid substrates
  b. Surface anchoring on homeotropic surfaces
      i. Anchoring on DMOAP
      ii. The first layer

3. Structural forces in liquid crystals

  a. General
  b. Forces at nematic-solid interface
  c. Capillary condensation
  d. Forces due to pre-smectic order
  e. Forces due to smectic order

4. Nanotubes

  a. Characterization of elastic properties of nanotubes

5. AFM studies of biological matter

  a. Amyloid fibril formation by human stefins
  b. Protein crystallization on natural phospholipid bilayers

6. Light in optical micro-resonators

  a. Whispering gallery modes
  b. Optical microresonators from LC droplets
  c. Effects of external field

7. Artificial nose

  a. Vapour trace detection by functionalized microcantilevers

8. Old research

  a. Ferroelectric and antiferroelectric liquid crystals
  b. Lifshitz point of FLC in strong magnetic field
  c. Light scattering in FLC's: phasons and amplitudons
  d. Free-standing films of ferro, ferri and antiferroelectric phases
  e. Optics of ferroelectric and antiferroelectric LCs